A Practice to Step into The fullest Version of yourself

The 15-Day 

The next practice is for WHOLE BODY HEALTH and it begins Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

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Science, Spirituality, and Somatic work to guide you back into alignment

We can't experience life fully if we shut down certain aspects of Self. Inside my 15 day Practice, you will reawaken aspects of yourself that have been dormant, uninspired, or maybe even slightly (or not so slightly) depressed. You will bring life force energy to these parts to refuel and reignite all of who you are so that you can feel empowered and capable of enjoying life and all its experiences. 

By combining a collection of modalities with years of experience as a somatic psychotherapist and coach, I'm going to guide you through two weeks that will transform the way you: think, feel, breathe, process, and show up in your life. 

Hi, I'm Eliza, and I'm so excited and honored to be guiding you on this 15-day journey

Devotion to Self

Inside this 15 day practice you will learn how to:

  • Utilize your breath and body to eliminate negative ways of thinking and being with yourself
  • Cultivate a sense of agency and self-assuredness when stepping into new thinking and behavioral patterns 
  • Meet yourself with grace, compassion, and curiosity
  • Move stuck energy and make space for new ways of being 
  • Create a daily devotional practice that serves your mind, body, and soul 
  • Gain a clearer perspective and reconnect to your Self 

Devotion, discipline, and daily practice are often things that we struggle with. We get caught up in the busyness of our daily lives and we get pulled away from the peace and presence that we yearn for. 
The thing is, through devotional practice, we come home to ourselves, and when we come home to ourselves, we get to experience more of ourselves...
When we experience more of ourselves, we get to experience more of the world around us.  We get to show up in the way we want to. 

The Details

After this 15 day Practice you will:

Maintain a consistent connection to inner presence and peace

Feel strong and confident in who you are and where you're going 

Widen your capacity to hold the complexities of the human experience 

Release old patterns and stuck energies in the body and consciously cultivate new ways of being

KNow and trust that you are capable of creating the change you seek

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What you get

This 15-Day Practice is $60 and it includes:

  • 15 Consecutive days of a 30-minute devotional kundalini yoga practice live on zoom
  • An intentional breath sequence, movement practice, and mantra that you will repeat and deepen throughout the challenge
  • Education and guidance to support the live sessions
  • Access to the recordings if you can't join the daily live zooms
*Daily live sessions will be at 6am PST/8am CST/9am EST
*You get access to the recordings until the next practice begins

"Grounding and energizing"

"A practice that gets better each time. The changes are subtle but powerful." 


"Challenging but so worth it. I feel amazing!"

"I'm sleeping so much better!"

"I laughed, I cried, I released and felt so much peace throughout the entire day. It's a self care that I believe everyone needs." 


The practices that you will learn throughout our 15 days together have changed my life.

They have supported me mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. These ancient kundalini practices will support you in experiencing more of who you are. They'll teach you compassion, grace, devotional discipline, and embodiment.

There will be things that you learn and experience for the first time throughout this challenge, and there will be concepts that might feel familiar to you and your body. I invite you to join us with an open heart and mind, knowing that the more you connect with your Self, the more you will be able to embrace the full spectrum of your human experience. 

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