Monthly Class with Eliza & Cindy:

Energy Breathwork

A 75-minute experience for those wanting to tap into their infinite power, only $45!

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Are you:

  • Struggling with a lack of hope?
  • Feeling like the walls are caving in and life's daily tasks are just too much to handle?
  • Struggling with overwhelm and feel like your thoughts are taking over and running your life?
  • Needing a space to release and feel free again?
  • Wanting, deep down, to be seen and heard but just don't know how?

...Then Energy Breathwork is for you!

Healing from the comfort of your bed

Strip away the negative beliefs and stories and step into trust and acceptance

Our breath helps nourish our body so that we can connect deeper to our energetic guides. Here's the rundown of an Energy Breathwork Class:

Cindy and Eliza have joined their two modalities, energy healing and breathwork, in a one-of-a-kind online healing experience. These two modalities are powerful on their own, but when utilized together, the result is truly life changing. 

Upcoming Dates:

IN PERSON Event: August 10 @ 6:30-8:30pm in North Vancouver: Sign up here!

ONLINE: Saturday, July 29th @ 8-9:15am PST
Saturday, August 26th @ 8-9:15am PST
Saturday, September 16th @ 8-9:15am PST
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  • An opening meditation to relax into the container of the group
  • A 45-minute breathwork journey guided by Eliza to release the ego, connect with the energetic body, and make space for new ways of being  
  • While we breathe, Cindy will be working "behind the scenes" by tapping into your energetic guides to clear any stuck and stagnant energies, communicate any divine messaging that needs to be heard, and support your emotional needs for growth and healing 
  • Journal Prompts, space for integration and rest, and an opportunity to share with the group 

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What People are Saying About The Energy Breathwork Experience:

"Had such a wonderful experience that I can't even put into words. All I know is that it was pure bliss and clarity"
"The combination of breathwork and energy healing was rejuvenating. I felt a sense of calm and inner peace that stayed with me for a long time afterward." 
"I found peace after a really tough breakup"

"I was lifted up and freed to release a heavy load of decades of held back energy. I vibrated for quite awhile after"
"I am eagerly anticipating the next session!"
"I laughed, I cried, I released and felt so much peace throughout the entire day. It's a self care that I believe everyone needs."

Meet Us:

Eliza Butler, MA, MA, CCC is a Psychotherapist, Coach, and Breathwork Facilitator who specializes in somatic practices. As a breathworker, she supports groups back to their most abundant healing resource: the breath. She combines her extensive knowledge in psychology, mind-body medicine, mindfulness, and somatic practices to support her client's journey back to their authentic Self. Her gentle yet affirming guidance creates a safe container to release the old and step into the new. 

Cindy Ryan from The Blissful Intuitive is an intuitive guide and Reiki Master based in North Vancouver, BC. She is humbled to be able to help humans find their uplifting, honest inner voice. Working together, Cindy helps her clients connect back to the inner tools and techniques to achieve an open, balanced life!


What is energy healing? 

Reiki is the transfer of universal energies from the practitioner to their client. It helps to remove stagnant energies from the emotional and physical self. Cindy taps into the energy guides who have been connected to your soul since the beginning of its journey and one or more will be with you during the healing session. They know what needs to be cleared and processed. As soon as you ask you will receive their guidance. This guidance will show up as memories, emotions, colors, images, and/or sensations. After energy healing, you will feel a deeper sense of connection to Self.

What is the Conscious Connected Breath?

The conscious connected breath is a powerful breathwork pattern intended to engage and release any sensations and/or stuck energies and emotions held in the body. It's "conscious" because you will be encouraged to actively engage with the breath (instead of observing it as you would in meditation). It's "connected" because the inhales and exhales flow into one another in a circular rhythm.

How do the two modalities work together and what should I expect from this experience?

The conscious connected breath supports our mental and emotional bodies to let go of ego, negative beliefs, and stories, while simultaneously supporting our nervous system's natural (but often thwarted from life traumas and experiences) inclination towards resilience and regulation. Our physical body is the container where our energetic body and soul lives. We nourish this physical container with the breath, which ultimately brings us closer to our energetic soul. When we tap into our breath in this way, we can more readily receive the messages from our energetic guides. 
During our energy breathwork class, you might experience a deeper connection to Self, profound insights into your life, visuals/memories/images, sensations, emotional and/or physical release, a deep sense of peace and calm, and more. We give you the choice to engage more deeply with the breath for more of a healing release, or you can use the time as a space for relaxation. You are always in choice with how deep you want to go. 

Do I have to stay for the full 75 minutes, and do I have to have my video on? 

We specifically designed this class to be 75 minutes to allow space to come down after the activation of breathwork. The tendency in today's world is to rush from one thing to the next without fully allowing the experience to sink in to our bodies. By being fully present for the full 75-minutes, you are giving yourself the space needed to fully integrate the experience. We give you the option on whether you want your video on or off :) 

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