A 3-month, 360-degree educational and practical container to remind you that you are capable of creating the joyful, energized life you always dreamed of.  

Begins September 2022

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Imagine you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day. Imagine moving through life with more gratitude, purpose, and energy for the people and causes that light you up. Imagine your days feel more spacious and easeful; allowing you to feel more productive, organized, and connected to your Self and others. Imagine feeling more resilient against self-sabotage and perfectionistic tendencies. And imagine building self-care rituals that nourish your body, mind, and soul, rather than just another thing to check off your never-ending "to-do" list. 

I'm here to tell you that it is possible, and you ARE capable. 

You can live a life full of presence and joy without giving up on your aspirations.

It doesn't have to be so hard. 

"Reconnect and Eliza's support exceeded my expectations! I feel more connected to my being than I have in a long time."

- Brianna

Here's the good news:

Life doesn't have to be so hard. 

You have big goals and dreams for your future. I see you. I hear you. Which is why Reconnect teaches you to build resilience from the inside, out, so you can find ease amidst life's challenges.  

you are capable of change

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. Reconnect is designed to help you return back to your wholeness so you can live from a place of self-love and acceptance.

you can have it all 

The world needs your unique gifts and talents. Reconnect teaches you how to live authentically while continuing to pursue your dreams and goals for your future. 

Reconnect is not your average self-help course. It blends science-based and soulful practices with deep reflective work so you can feel confident in your own skin again.



Module One: Self-Awareness

Introduction to the mind-body connection, and why building self-awareness is so much more than just your thoughts. Tap into the body and begin to feel comfortable in your own skin again. You'll learn the science and practice of mindfulness and meditation. This is where we really build the foundation necessary for the journey ahead. 

Course breakdown:

Module Two: Self-Regulation

Begin to heal from burnout and nervous system dysregulation through functional breathing and other somatic techniques. We dive deep into the mechanics of the nervous system and learn how to support yourself throughout the day with tools such as the breath. 

Module Three: Self-Care

Find the self-care practices and rituals that work for you and your lifestyle. You will get crystal clear on your intentions behind self-care, and begin to develop your non-negotiable habits and rituals to help bring more ease and space into your day. We cover everything from nutrition, movement, and sleep so you can really begin to reap the benefits of a totally holistic, 360-degree approach to your health and healing. 

Module Four: Self-Responsibility 

Now that you've begun to take care of your body, it's time to get clear on your triggers, self-destructive tendencies, and emotional patterns. This is where the sustainable, long-term changes begin to take shape. There will be less on how to work with your self-sabotage, how you can work with and through old traumas and patterns that have been affecting your ability to change, and finding meaning in your life. This is the necessary, often scary part of the journey, but I will be there to support you every step of the way. 

Module Five: Self-Acceptance

You'll start to become friends with your inner critic (yes, it is possible!), and learn how to move through fear and difficult emotions and step into authentic expression. You'll finally let go of old ways of being and fully step into the version of yourself you've always dreamed of. This module covers lessons on feeling your feelings, and processing any grief associated with growth. 

Module Six: Self-Realization

You're ready to bring your unique gifts and perspectives into the world. Our personal wellness is deeply interconnected to the Collective's well-being. In this sense, you'll begin to get clear on your own role in making the world a better place. This is where the saying, "self-care is collective care" really comes to life. You'll leave feeling more alive, rooted, and inspired to stay connected and committed to your mind, body, and soul's purpose. 






What you might experience after reconnect

How does this sound?

Overall more stable, consistent energy throughout the day for deeper presence, productivity, and engagement 

More resilience to bounce back quicker from negative self-talk, mood swings, and/or mild depressive and anxious episodes

FEel like you're finally good enough to pursue your purpose and goals (because hint: you are!)

Embody waht it feels like to love yourself unconditionally 

heal from burnout and befriend your body instead of constantly being at war with it

BOok Call Now 

Three 1:1 therapy sessions, plus texting access in-between calls so you feel completely supported throughout. Think of me as your therapist on speed-dial.

Personalized Deep-Dive Support

An online community portal where you can ask questions, share wins, and more. Plus 7 group online breathwork sessions to connect and integrate insights gained from the online learning hub.

Community  and Group Calls

6 in-depth modules with workbooks, video lessons, guided meditation recordings, and demonstrations to support a more embodied growth and learning. 

Online Educational Learning HUb

How it works

"What Reconnect has given me, and will continue to give me long after the course is over, is far greater and deeper than anything I could have anticipated. This course has given me hope and excitement about my journey."

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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"Eliza helped me to remember what taking care of myself and creating space to find calm can look like.

Reconnect felt like a beautiful exploration. Diving deeper into what's been holding me back while finding my way back home to my own intuition and inner knowing. The meditations, journal prompts, and self-care practices helped me to redirect my energy and come back to my why; becoming aware of patterns and habits that were making me feel stuck and frustrated."

find inner peace

CHarlotte REturned back to her "why"

"I cultivated a greater sense of inner peace and the ability to regulate my emotions internally instead of from those around me.

I was blown away by the amount of content available and the number of opportunities for live calls, both with the group and 1:1 with Eliza. I loved how the online content was paced, and I genuinely look forward to the meditations (they're the perfect length!)."

Brianna learned to regulate her emotions

"I haven't felt this sure about my direction and path in a long, long time.

Every lesson built off of each other, and I really found so much insight from the workbooks, journal prompts, and exercises. Thanks to Reconnect, I feel like I've gained so much clarity around my life." 

Gill Found Clarity 

Past Participants

"If the world were full of people who have engaged with Reconnect, it would be a kinder, gentler, healthier, more joyful place!"


It combines science and soul, so that you can fully embody both the tangible and intangible aspects of yourself. I will never tell you what to do, but instead support you in reclaiming your own autonomy. It is delivered with the love, compassion, and embodied knowledge that I bring to all my work, and I can't wait for you to be a part of it!

Reconnect is unique because it's truly holistic. It cuts through the typical "fluff" of the wellness industry while never feeling "stiff" like the modern day medical model. 

You're in the right place

Bonus #1

3 Guest Expert Workshops

Guest Expert Workshops to deepen your understanding on topics covered throughout the course, such as gut health, living authentically, sleep, yoga nidra, and more!

Bonus #2

Carefully Curated Wellness Kit

A wellness kit sent right to your door for maximum support in building your self-care practices and rituals. Items are hand-picked by Eliza to make sure you are well taken care of on all fronts before starting your journey.

Bonus #3

3-month Digital Movement Studio Membership

Eliza has partnered with The House of A La Ligne Digital Movement Studio  to give you a 3-month free membership to their amazing online studio, with hundreds of classes to choose from! Their classes are well-rounded and breath-focused, so you can incorporate these classes into your daily routines. 

Reconnect is for old souls who are no longer satisfied with living life according to outdated rules and expectations, and who want to better themselves to be of deeper service to their community. 

Reconnect is for old souls who are no longer satisfied with living life according to outdated rules and expectations, and who want to better themselves to be of deeper service to their community.

Stop the constant hamster wheel of thoughts and learn to trust the wisdom of your body 

Build resilience and nervous system regulation so you can feel safe in your body, rather than feel like you're constantly at war with yourself 

Finally commit to self-care rituals you know will help you feel better in your day to day life 

Experience more stable moods and energy for deeper presence, focus, and creativity 

Have more clarity around your purpose, with a clear path ahead

Live and breathe from a place of self-love, rather than self-hate

By the end of Reconnect, you will...

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Even if it might not feel like it right now, you are so beyond capable of creating the life you want and deserve. In a world that thrives off of our disconnection and discontent, it is a true act of rebellion to dive into the work of healing ourselves from the inside, out. 

I support old souls like you who know, deep down, that there is a different way of being in this world. Bridging science-based and soulful practices, I love being able to support my clients through their own journey back to wholeness. 

Reconnect is a culmination of all that I've learned about health and well-being over the last 10 years 

It started in my late-teens. Growing up in the all too often toxically masculine world of competitive ice hockey, I learned to suppress my intuition and ignored the shouts from my body telling me that something wasn't right. I felt completely lost and disconnected, and experienced depression, anxiety, and a deep hatred for my body. I felt like I was at war with myself. 

Fast forward to now (more than a decade later), and I've never felt more alive, more free, and more aligned in body, mind, and soul. 

Because I've questioned my own power before 

How do I know you're capable?

Reconnect distills the essential teachings to living a fully engaged life so that you don't have to spend all the time, money, and resources that I did.

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars gaining personal and professional experience to create a course like Reconnect so that you don't have to

With Masters degrees in both Integrative Health Studies and Counseling Psychology, multiple certifications in breathwork, meditation, trauma-informed somatic modalities like Somatic Experiencing, and more, I value science and evidence-based practices to ensure your safety and autonomy above all else. 

It can feel overwhelming to invest in your health, especially if you have the in the past and didn't get the results you were hoping for. Reconnect makes no false promises; the work required to see change in this course will, at times, feel uncomfortable and sticky. What I can promise is that I will be there to support you every step of the way so that you can feel safe moving through emotional and energetic blocks. You are in full control and always in choice, because agency is vital to growth. 

It won't waste your time

I know you're busy out there pursuing your goals and making things happen. Which is why Reconnect is especially designed so you can optimize your time and energy, without succumbing to the capitalistic tendency to constantly "do more." Don't get my wrong, healing takes dedicated time and commitment, but every lesson, workbook, and workshop has been intentionally constructed so that you won't feel like you're wasting your time. 

Online learning hub with comprehensive lessons, workbooks, and recordings

Three 1:1 sessions, group coaching & breathwork calls, and text support in-between calls

Guest Expert Workshops, Community online portal for continued support, and surprise extra resources

Evidence-based practices to support lifelong well-being for mind, body, and soul

This course includes everything you need to live your most embodied, authentic life.

Look, doing "the work" is hard. It's sticky, and confronting in ways that we can't expect. AND, it is necessary to do in order to heal old wounds that are keeping you stuck in behaviors, relationships, and ways of being that are no longer serving you. 

If you're ready to meet yourself with an open heart and mind, and finally step into the person you deserve to become, you're in the right place. 

Healing yourself from the inside, out

Honoring your values and living in alignment to them

Pursuing your goals and passions without fear of burnout 

Building resilience to better cope with life's inevitable challenges 

Take ownership over your health in order to be a pillar of support to your community 

Getting to know your triggers, patterns, and behaviors that are holding you back 

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

BOok Discovery call Now

This      for you if:

You're ready to heal your mind, body, and soul and live a fully aligned and alive life

you're looking for a "magic pill" that heals all; you healing and growth takes consistency and constant inquiry

you care about science-based practices, but also like a little "woo" sprinkled in here and there

you're looking for a diagnosis, prescription, or "one size fits all" approach to your health and well-being 

you have big dreams for your future and know that you're capable of seeing them through, if only you could get out of your own way

It's probably        for you if...

you want to bypass the "hard stuff" and just get to feelin good all the time; true healing means taking responsibility for all parts of ourselves



More from Past Participants:

What does Reconnect start and end?

The next container will begin late September, 2022, and will go until roughly the end of the year. The day and times of our breathworks will be determined by the group (I will send out a poll to find the best time). All the breathworks and guest workshops will be recorded for you to watch on your own time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for this course?

On average, you can expect to spend around 2 hours/week on the daily practices, course learning content, journal prompts, and live breathworks. The intention is that you will continue to integrate and implement these changes and exercises into your daily life long after the 12 weeks so you can experience life-long, sustainable change. 

What does the investment include?

During our 12 weeks together, you will get a fully holistic, 360-degree model of support that emphasizes education, personalized support, and community engagement. This well-rounded approach ensures that you are getting the most out of our time together. We will have 7 live breathwork journeys held on zoom,  three 1:1 calls to support your personal journey (depending on your needs), access to a private online community account with daily posts and opportunities to learn from others, private text message/voice note access to me for extra support, a robust online learning hub with workbooks, lessons, and meditation downloads, and surprise guest expert workshops. You will also receive a specially curated wellness kit, and a 3-month membership to The A La Ligne Digital Movement Studio.

I want this offering to be as accessible as possible. The flexible payment plan is a great option for those who can't pay in full. I also offer even more flexible plans and scholarships for those in need. Please reach out to me, to inquire.

What can I expect from the Online Learning Hub?

The course is designed into 6 modules. We will spend 2 weeks per module so you can really digest and integrate all the juicy information, however you will also have lifetime access to this content for continued support and learning. Each module is rooted in my extensive knowledge in psychology, mind-body medicine, neurobiology, philosophy, mindfulness, nervous system regulation, trauma, and breathing mechanics/breathwork. The material is evidence-based, and I'm always happy to recommend further resources/readings if you'd like to dive deeper into any topic. 

What will the 1:1 sessions look like?

You will be responsible for telling me how you'd like to spend our 1:1 time together. You have the option to have either a: 1:1 breathwork journey personalized to your specific needs, more of a traditional coaching/counseling session where we talk through blocks or anything that is coming up for you, or a hybrid of the two (with a shorter breathwork journey). Each session is 60-minutes and you'll have the opportunity to sign up for these sessions anytime during, and up to 3-months after, the course.  

I'm ready to commit! What are my next steps?

Amazing! it is such an honor to support you on your journey back to Self. The first step is to schedule a 20-minute discovery call to ensure that Reconnect is a good fit. From there, you'll pick your payment method and I'll give you all the details you'll need to feel supported and ready to start your journey! I can't wait to watch you grow. 


Connect backt o the wisdom of your body


find rituals to support regulation of the nervous system


build focus and pursue live fully aligned and purposeful


find connection wtihin yourself to find belonging and purpose in your community

Book Call HEre

The most important part of all of this is that this program, and my approach, is a good fit for YOU. Let's hop on a call to connect, learn more about each other, ask any questions you may have about the course, and ensure that you are absolutely ready to dive in. 

but first