Welcome to The All Parts Community 

Welcome to The All Parts Community 

A resting place for those who are exhausted, overwhelmed, and disconnected and want to stop overthinking,  trust the body, regulate emotions, and access joy

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Be a better listener to your body

Move out of the functional freeze state that's become your default way of being in the world

Move through emotions and negative energy without getting stuck in them

You're longing to...

FEel more than just sadness, isolation, and/or resentment all the time

Find a safe community where you can show up as you are 

FEel energized and motivated to pursue your dreams and goals for your life 

Learn, Understand, and reflect on the complex world in which we live 

“There’s more of an in-tune harmony with myself. There’s nothing quite so powerful as feeling that energy moving through the body- and out- and the integration that follows. I’ve been noticing the subtle shifts that feel deeper over the months since joining the All Parts community. Thank you thank you!”

- APC Member

You've just learned that shutting down, disconnecting, and avoiding hard experiences or emotions are the only way to survive the broken world in which we live. 

The world we live in is broken. 

You are not broken.

Let's get the most important thing out of the way. 

I'm here to tell you there's another way.

Learning how to feel and move through the tough stuff is how we can access our joy, aliveness, and presence. Choosing to heal yourself in a broken world is an act of radical courage. 

The All Parts Community is where we learn to be courageous... 

The All Parts Community is a complement to 1:1 therapy that will help you to build your capacity to step more fully into all of who you are, stay consistent with the practices that help you feel more alive and expansive, and embrace the complexities of your life experiences. 

The APC Membership


A weekly (ish) newsletter that explores healing, the human experience, psychology, spirituality, and wellness that will help you feel less alone. I write as a human first, therapist second. I weave my own life experiences with themes, topics, and modalities that come up in my 1:1 therapy work, such as somatic experiencing, emotion-focused therapy, internal family systems, yogic philosophy, feminist theory, breathwork, and more. All newsletters are kept in a library for you to access at any time.

Automatic sign up and access to all 15 & 40 day practices, where I guide a daily breath and kundalini practice live on zoom. You get access to all recordings, workbook PDF, and a special discussion thread dedicated to help you build a daily devotional somatic practice that will help bring you back into alignment in mind, body, and soul.

Access to a growing list of monthly live and recorded experiential and educational workshops/classes on topics such as befriending your nervous system, sound healing, and more. 

Unlimited access to a growing library of various breathwork, somatic, and yoga practices that range from 5-75 minutes in length to support a deeper connected to Self, no matter your schedule. 

Regular discussing threads where you can connect in community and support others on their journey 

Opportunities to connect with me for extra personalized support 

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Your newsletter interweaves so seamlessly with your somatic practices and teachings. Thank you for providing support and education in such a holistic fashion!

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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Growing up I suffered from dissociation, depression, and feelings of not belonging that I now know were connected to childhood trauma. Reconnecting to my body through various somatic work (much of which I share with The All Parts Community), reclaiming and loving hard on my wounded parts, and learning to trust my Self have allowed me to cultivate the capacity to stay present to all of life’s ups and downs. I couldn’t have done all this in isolation, and continue to lean on my community when I need support. 
I hold two Masters degrees and have over 5000+ hours of advanced breathwork, yoga, and somatic training. I bring this wisdom into everything that I do. 
My approach sees mind, body, and soul as equal pieces to the puzzle that is you. I don’t shy away from the more “woo” and spiritual sides of healing, but I also maintain a deep understanding of more evidence-based practices. My clients always emphasize that working with me feels different than any other therapist they’ve worked with in the past, because I have a unique educational background to truly look at the whole picture of what makes you, you. 
I have supported hundreds of clients around the world to reclaim their authenticity and embrace the complexities of their life experience. The All Parts Community is an extension of this work to make these powerful tools even more accessible to people like you!

More from Members:

"Transformative and Regenerative. Simply Fantastic!"

"Truly Life Changing"

"A beautiful exploration of authenticity and wholeness as more than just a catch phrase for fashionable spirituality. This is honest, compassionate, wise truth from someone who has done and is continuing to do deep healing work."

"Nourishing, grounding, and enlightening"

Uplifting, joyful, inspirational, educational, relaxing, challenging, hope-inducing"

Unlimited access to healing tools, exercises, and educational content that I usually reserve for my 1:1 clients

Over 70+ videos (and counting!) of kundalini practices, breathwork techniques, and educational workshops to support you on your healing journey

OPportunities to connect wtih myself and others to ask questions when you're needing support on your journey

An Annual subscription to The All Parts Community costs a little more than one therapy session. By becoming a member, you'll get:

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