Eliza's Approach to Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy is a way of resolving trauma and stress that accumulates in the body when it is not acknowledged or processed fully. Unlike talk therapy where you are invited to talk about how the symptoms of this stuck stress and trauma impacts your day to day life and why it’s there, somatic therapy invites you to feel into these symptoms by tapping into the sensations of them in the body. Somatic therapy can often feel like learning a whole new language for those used to more traditional talk therapy approaches. 
By being able to feel emotions and sensations as they arise in the body, you will begin to build your capacity to sit with the discomfort of some of these past experiences and traumas in a way where you can move through them, rather than continuously suppressing them. 
Trauma symptoms develop over time when our human instinct to fight or flee from a perceived or real threat is consistently suppressed or thwarted, leaving us feeling helpless and overwhelmed. When we are unable to protect ourselves, we move into a freeze or shutdown state as a means to survive, ultimately suppressing the energy activated in the body to fight or flee. This can be a helpful mechanism in the moment, however if that energy is not eventually released, it can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies. 

What is Somatic Therapy & Coaching?

Somatic experiencing is a specific trauma therapy modality that supports this process by assessing where your nervous system is getting “stuck” in the fight, flight, or freeze responses. I will gently support you in resolving these fixated physiological states using various clinical tools and resources so that you’re able to heal trauma and meet life’s challenges with more flexibility and resilience.

When we first start our work together, I will utilize various clinical tools and breathwork techniques to support you in feeling safe in the body. This stage is all about uncovering what emotions you feel comfortable feeling and which emotions feel uncomfortable or perhaps even unsafe to feel and express. I will support you in building your capacity to stay present in your body so that you can experience, express, and release these more challenging emotions that have been suppressed. It’s here where I encourage you to communicate your boundaries and needs so that you can start to build your sense of empowerment and agency. 

Stage 1: Finding Safety in the Body

Somatic trauma therapy addresses the root cause of the specific symptoms that you’re experiencing. The process for each individual client is unique depending on their specific needs, however my approach is rooted in three important stages to ensure safety and sustainable healing: 

Three Stages of Somatic Healing 

Stage 2: Processing Specific Memories

Once we have built the foundation of safety in the body, we can begin to process the specific memories or life experiences that have become lodged in your body and mind. 

Stage 3: INtegration

The third stage is all about integrating these lessons into your life so that you can move fully into new ways of being and interacting with your Self and others. It’s about being able to move forward from these past experiences in a way that honors your past traumas while no longer being impacted on a day to day basis by them. Although this is the third stage, integration is a process that happens throughout the therapeutic relationship. 

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