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Find Belonging through Embodied Presence.

Trauma-Informed Integrative Therapy, Breathwork, and Meditation to support you on the journey back home to yourself. 


 Each and every one of us has our own stories of disconnection, loneliness, and trauma. I believe that personal and collective healing comes from a sense of embodiment. It comes from bridging the gap between past, present, and future; between mind, body, and soul; and between doing and being. It comes from embracing the messiness of the human experience, and finding the resilience held in the wisdom of the body.  

I utilize my training in psychology, somatic experiencing, breathwork, meditation, and integrative health to support my client's journeys back home to themselves. 

You are capable of living a fully engaged, present, and health-full life.

A combination of science-based and soulful practices to support you at any point on your journey.

What I do...

I've dedicated the last decade of my life finding and learning how to live a life full of intention, meaning, and joy. With Masters degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Integrative Health, I believe the answers we seek are held and released through our breath and body. I support my client's through loneliness, burnout, and trauma so they can access the contentment and purpose that is already within them, just waiting to be uncovered. Are you ready to feel alive and free in your body and life? 

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A self-paced mini course on how to harness the healing powers of your breath. 


The way we spend our mornings matter. This workbook gives you the tools to support you in creating morning rituals that work for you and your lifestyle.


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Each week, either myself or a friend shares a story from their journey. Through our shared stories, we can begin to feel like we're not alone in our experience, and we can connect with the human experience in a more embodied, holistic way. Most importantly, we can see that it is possible to heal and grow into embodied presence and authenticity.

Understanding Us: The Podcast

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I am honored to offer 1:1 psychotherapy, online courses including my signature 12-week program called Reconnect, and bespoke corporate workshops and talks. 

Eliza's Services


Morning Routine Workbook & Guided Meditation

The way we spend our mornings matter. This workbook gives you the tools to support you in creating morning rituals that work for you and your lifestyle. PLUS you get a 5-minute morning meditation recording. 


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This 3-month container is for those ready to stop going through the motions and start living with joy, energy, and fulfillment in their body and life. 1:1 support, live group breathworks and coaching calls, an online platform with a library of exercises and educational content, and so much more. 

Reconnect: A Journey Back to Self

my signature offering

Success Stories

- S.L., Age 32

“Working with Eliza has been one of the most empowering experiences I've ever had. I learned I am strong and I am enough. Not perfect, but perfectly empowered."

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