Engage with your 
to engage with your life

Kundalini yoga and breathwork practices are enlivening modalities that support you in feeling more energized yet balanced and aligned with your most authentic version of your Self. 


Engage with your             
to engage with your life

FEel Alive with kundalini & breathwork:

A whole-Body Reset


Process emotion through the body to prevent disease/illness &  connect to the highest version of your Self


Regulate the nervous system & increase flexibility and mobility so you can meet life's challenges with resilence and empowerment 


Lower cortisol levels, improve sleep, increase mindfulness & mood, and process stuck emotional and behavioral patterns 

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Kundalini Yoga is an ancient Vedic practice and philosophy that utilizes breath, mantra, energetic movement, and physical postures to enhance overall wellbeing and a deeper connection to Self. Each breath and movement exercise is designed to open up blood flow and bring more oxygen to the body. 

Developing a daily devotional practice of kundalini is a powerful adjunct to any deeper healing or 1:1 therapy work. If you’re interested in experiencing this transformative work, join us in the next 15 day practice!

Kundalini Yoga

The Yoga of Awareness

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The conscious connected breath (CCB) is a powerful breathwork pattern intended to enhance mindfulness and release any sensations and/or stuck energies and emotions held in the body. When practiced in a safe container, this can be an effective modality for somatic trauma healing. Doing this breath for an extended period of time might feel uncomfortable at first, but often leads to major breakthroughs in healing and growth.

I will use the CCB in 1:1 sessions if it's a good fit for the client. I also guide group breathwork journeys both in person and online. Learn more about future group offerings of this effective somatic practice below. 

Conscious Connected Breathwork

"Grounding and energizing"

"A practice that gets better each time. The changes are subtle but powerful." 


"Challenging but so worth it. I feel amazing!"

"I'm sleeping so much better!"

"I laughed, I cried, I released and felt so much peace throughout the entire day. It's a self care that I believe everyone needs." 



The best way to understand these somatic practices is to experience them firsthand. However if you still have some questions before starting, let's talk! Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to see how kundalini and/or breathwork can support you. 

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